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2024 Tailwind Group Operations & Budget Summit Awards

OBS 2024 Winners

The 4th Annual Tailwind Group Operations & Budget Summit took place April 15 – April 18 in Mankato, Minnesota, Tailwind Group headquarters. Property Managers, Resident Services Managers, and corporate team members traveled from various locations for three days of learning, collaboration, and celebrations! Our employees celebrated with a dinner and awards ceremony on the final night at Sky One Eleven Event Center.

Tailwind Group honored our property sites and individuals who met and exceeded Tailwind Group’s standards for excellence.

College Town Mankato (MaKayla Kies) achieved the Living the Difference: Best Renewal % in the Portfolio for the 2nd year in a row at 48.8%.

The Quarters Cedar Falls (Mariah Fordyce) achieved the Best Rent Collection % in the Portfolio at 99.65%.

109 Tower (Cortavious Givens) took home the Largest Year-Over-Year NOI $ Increase at $1,047,508.

The largest Year-Over-Year NOI % Increase was awarded to The Quarters Oxford (D’Andre Webb) with 86%.

For the second year in a row, The Quarters Vermillion (Faith Acosta) was awarded Top Resident Reputation in the Portfolio.

The following is a list of our 2024 Operations & Budget Summit nominees and award winners. Please join us in congratulating them!

Corporate Newcomer of the Year
Zach Rubosky


  • Corey Lavigne
  • Todd Montgomery
  • Zach Rubosky

Corporate Team Member of the Year
Sherri Hupp


  • Whitney Dickinson
  • Sherri Hupp
  • Miranda Johnston

Operations Team Member of the Year
Emily Adams


  • Emily Adams
  • Mandy Schackow
  • Logan Suko

Finance & Investments Team Member
Betsy Elzen


  • Betsy Elzen
  • Sheila Helland
  • Samantha Nordlie

Maintenance Newcomer of the Year
Dalton Murphy


  • Dalton Murphy, The Quarters Ames
  • Brian Brown, The Quarters Vermillion
  • Andrew Bauer, The Quarters Lawrence
  • Corey Graves, The Landing Fayetteville

Management Newcomer of the Year
Dominique Swanson


  • Mariah Fordyce, The Quarters Cedar Falls
  • Dominique Swanson, The Quarters East Lansing
  • Liv Lemus, The Quarters Lawrence
  • Mario Hervey II, The Landing Fayetteville

Resident Services Manager of the Year
Kimberly O’Connell


  • Amy Noble, The Quarters Iowa City
  • Alexis Whited-Gant, The Griff
  • Kimberly O’Connell, The Landing College Station
  • Jennifer Campbell, College Town Oxford

Maintenance Professional of the Year
Nicholas Haley


  • Rupert Goodrich, College Town Mankato
  • Nicholas Haley, LivRed
  • Joshua Hall, The Quarters Columbia
  • Sam Lewis, The Landing Fayetteville

Property Manager of the Year
John Karns-Warren


  • John Karns-Warren, The Quarters Ames
  • Alex Lumley, The Griff
  • Kayla Montgomery, The Quarters Lawrence
  • Jenna James, College Town Oxford

Outstanding Leadership
Colleen Lewter

The following properties were recognized for their renewal percentage:

Gold: 40% or Greater Renewal %

  • College Town Mankato
  • South Duff
  • The Griff
  • The Landing College Station
  • The Quarters Ames
  • The Quarters Cedar Falls
  • The Quarters Mankato
  • The Quarters Stillwater
  • The Quarters Vermillion

Sliver: 35% or Greater Renewal %

  • Altitude Wichita
  • The Landing Fayetteville
  • The Quarters Iowa City
  • The Quarters Lawrence

Bronze: 30% or Greater Renewal %

  • Altitude Baton Rouge
  • LivRed
  • RentMSU & Block 518
  • The Nest & College Street Studios
  • The Quarters Bloomington
  • The Quarters East Lansing
  • The Quarters East Lansing Cottages
  • The Quarters Lincoln

The following properties were recognized for the rent collection percentage:

Gold: 99.5% or Greater Collection %

  • College Town Fayetteville
  • The Quarters Cedar Falls
  • The Quarters Lawrence

Sliver: 99% or Greater Collection %

  • Altitude Wichita
  • College Town Mankato
  • The Nest & College Street Studios
  • The Quarters Bloomington
  • The Quarters Columbia
  • The Quarters Mankato
  • The Quarters Stillwater
  • The Quarters Vermillion

Bronze: 98.5% or Greater Collection %

  • College Town Oxford
  • The Griff
  • The Landing Fayetteville
  • The Quarters Lincoln

Tailwind Group believes in recognizing the hard work and dedication of our employees. Our company culture thrives on appreciation, teamwork, and excellence. We understand that our employees’ dedication, passion, and hard work are the cornerstones of our success. Thank you to our employees for your efforts, innovative ideas, and your unwavering support of Tailwind Group. Your contributions make a significant impact on our company daily!

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Episode 1: Pilot

In this inaugural episode of Tailwind Talks, join hosts Brandon Smith, Vice President of Operations & Development, and Devan Schaly-Brumbaugh, Director of Leasing & Marketing, as they dive into the purpose and creation of the podcast, highlight our recent acquisition in St. Louis, break down our Operations and Budget Summit, and talk about some exciting things in the pipeline at Tailwind.

Highlights Include:

  • Acquisitions and Expansion: Dive into the strategic acquisitions that propelled Tailwind Group from local success to a nationwide presence. Learn how the team identified opportunities, navigated challenges, and capitalized on emerging markets to build a diverse portfolio.
  • Rebranding and Innovation: Explore the process of rebranding and how Tailwind Group has continuously adapted to meet the evolving needs of its tenants and communities. From purpose-built student housing to commercial development projects, uncover the innovative approaches that set Tailwind apart.
  • Leadership Insights: Gain valuable insights into effective leadership practices as Brandon and Devan share their experiences and lessons learned from leading within the Tailwind family. Discover how a culture of collaboration, integrity, and ambition drives success at every level of the organization.
  • Operations and Budget Summit: Get an insider’s look into Tailwind Group’s operation and budget summit, where strategic planning and fiscal responsibility converge to ensure continued growth and profitability. Learn how meticulous planning and attention to detail are key drivers of success in the competitive real estate market.
  • Preview of Roy Hall Jr’s Conference: Be the first to hear about the exciting upcoming conference hosted by industry luminary Roy Hall Jr.

Join us for an engaging conversation filled with insights, anecdotes, and a shared vision for the future of Tailwind Group. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, aspiring developer, or simply curious about the world of real estate, this episode promises to inform, inspire, and leave you eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for Tailwind Talks. Stay connected with us for more insightful discussions and updates.

Follow us on social media: @tailwindgroupinc on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and @tailwindgroup on YouTube. For inquiries and feedback, reach out to us via email. Don’t forget to subscribe and share the podcast with your friends!

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