Tailwind Group Announces New Leadership Structure

Four VPs | July 2020

For the past fifteen years, Mankato-based Tailwind Group has grown from a small property management firm to a nationally recognized owner and operator of real estate in the student housing, office, and retail sectors. Since its inception, the company has been led by its four founding partners: Kyle Smith, Reggie Reed, Michael Sather, and Landon Smith. Their leadership and guidance have helped grow the company exponentially. As early as 2015, Tailwind Group was only operating in southern Minnesota with less than 15 employees. Today, they operate in nine different states with over 150 employees.

To ensure continued growth and sustainability, Tailwind Group’s founding partners are pleased to announce a new Leadership Team. By elevating new leaders and passing their day-to-day responsibilities on, the partners will shift their focus to company growth, acquisitions and dispositions, and investor relations. The following employees have been promoted and will guide their respective departments moving forward:

Brandon Smith – Vice President, Operations & Development
Brandon previously served as Tailwind Group’s Senior Development Manager. In his new role, Brandon will oversee the operations department – which includes property management, leasing and marketing, and information technology. Additionally, Brandon will continue to lead the development department relating to new construction and acquisitions.

Shelby Thorne – Vice President, Accounting
Shelby previously served as Tailwind Group’s Financial Controller. In his new role, Shelby will oversee all accounting functions in the company. This includes residential, commercial, and investment fund accounting. His team will ensure all transactions are recorded accurately, financial reports are readily available, and the company stays compliant with all financial requirements.

Krystal Pierce – Vice President, Legal & Administration
Krystal previously served as Tailwind Group’s Associate Legal Counsel. In her new role, Krystal will lead the company in all legal matters pertaining to real estate acquisition and dispositions. In addition, Krystal will oversee the administrative department of the company which includes human resources and training.

Josh Sherburne – Vice President, Finance
Josh previously served as Tailwind Group’s Vice President of Asset Management. In his new role, Josh will lead the company in all financial matters relating to investor relations, capital markets, and asset management. Josh will also continue to assist in equity fundraising for the company.

Rounding out the Leadership Team are David Hughes (promoted to Director of Information Technology), Betsy Dornfeld (promoted to Asset Manager), and Jessica Dane (continues in her role as Regional Property Manager).

These seven employees will continue to collaborate with the Tailwind Group partners on all aspects of the company.