Empowering Talent: Meet the Spring 2024 Leading Edge Program Participants

Leading Edge

Tailwind Group is dedicated to fostering talent and propelling careers forward. Our Leading Edge program, established in 2021, stands as a testament to that commitment. Designed to empower our top Leasing Managers, this program offers a unique opportunity for growth, enabling participants to extend their expertise to new properties while simultaneously growing in their career in student housing sales and marketing.

Leading Edge candidates are nominated by the corporate sales team and Regional Property Managers with a heavy focus on the performance of their home property so far this leasing season. This year’s candidates are seeing tremendous success in leasing and marketing at their home property in the form of year-over-year rent growth averaging 8.83% with multiple mid-year rent increases, as well as averaging 88.72.% pre-lease for Fall 2024.

Leading Edge participants will work in tandem with the corporate sales and marketing team to assist in select markets, both virtually and by traveling to the properties. This provides them the opportunity to learn new markets, develop their leadership skills and tackle diverse leasing and marketing challenges alongside the onsite teams.

We are excited to announce the participants in Tailwind Group’s Spring 2024 Leading Edge program. This year’s participants in the program are:

Maddie Flieg

Madelyn Flieg
The Quarters Columbia
Columbia, MO

Evah McMillian

Evah McMillian
The Quarters Bloomington
Bloomington, IN

Nick Nordstrom

Nick Nordstrom
The Quarters Ames
Ames, IA

Kaylee White

Kaylee White
The Quarters Lawrence
Lawrence, KS