Ryan Gustafson, News Reporter

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Date: July 30, 2014

Profinium Place, the keystone of The Tailwind Group’s development along Riverfront Drive, continues to take shape.

From the top of Profinium Place, downtown Mankato is put into a new perspective – the civic center, apartment complexes, storefronts and houses – blocks stacked, layer upon layer, climbing up the valley.

Michael Sather, chief financial officer for The Tailwind Group, says, “Great views of the valley, great views of the river. Views of all of Mankato and it’s amazing.”

From this perch, you get a scope of everything going on around the main building as well, including the work on the Warren and Front Street intersection, as well the parking ramp, which was the only portion of the project to be hampered by the weather.

Sather says, “The excess rain in June had some impact on the ramp, but they’re back on track and our building, you can see we’re well out of the ground and now we just need to put the pieces together on the inside.”

That practice is visible on the service elevator, with work taking place on every floor.

With the goal being to get tenants in the door as soon as possible.

Sather says, “As we finish the structural component of the building, we’ll also build the tenant spaces at the same time. The electrical, HVAC, carpeting, their final finishes. What you’re seeing is a big effort with all of the parties.”

Watch the video here.